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Asif Arif Basit on Strategic Scenario Planning

I, Asif Arif Basit say that change is the sole certainty that remains recurring and although decision-making process’ in most associations react to events not enough prepare detailed plans to be active in the event of the uncertain commercial and social times in which we live.
eventuality planning is the way that both the Wharton college’s Mack Centre at the school of Pennsylvania for creativity and Manchester Business school in the UK are preparing middle management for their roles as business leaders. The best firms are the ones that know they key principles they’ll use when responding to change and will even have modeled responses for that terribly eventuality. Eventuality planning permits all functions in an organization to explore a variety of possible replies, be sure of their key associates anticipated reply and capability to react to circumstance. I’m going to try to work this into a more coherent view on the’what if’ eventuality in my next article. This is Asif Arif signing off for the day. BTW I will try and post more continually on this topic. A chum of mine by the name of Asif Arif is also interested in writing on this issue and has ordered me to link to him when he is prepared.

I Asif Arif Basit Say that the “what if” tool for structured debate is a key way for leadership groups to prepare for the anticipated changes and by preparing for the anticipated changes lay down principles and systems that will help them deal with the unexpected.